We will Always Strive to Achieve the Highest Ethical Standards in Everything We Do.

4U2 Cosmetics are exclusively manufactured by Colorcos Co., Ltd. (Colorcos), in Thailand under an exclusive and registered license with Bel*Air Cosmetics Corp., USA (Bel*Air).

Colorcos has both Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and ISO 9001 : 2008 accreditations under International Standards requirements. Colorcos also manufacturers for global retailers (TESCO, Watsons, Hello Kitty!) and also for other regional and local retail and direct selling customers.

4U2 Cosmetics are therefore manufactured under requirements which comply with the ASEAN Cosmetics Directives (which broadly follow the EU Model), European Union Directive 76/798/EEC (as amended), the UK’s Product Safety Regulations and US FDA Regulations (Code of Federal Regulations).

The Thai Cosmetics Act of 2008 requires all cosmetics to be approved before manufacture by the Thai FDA (Cosmetics Control Division) Thai FDA Registration Numbers are shown on 4U2 cosmetic products. In addition, Colorcos obtains Certificates of Free Sale on all its cosmetics products from the Thai FDA. 

All raw materials used in 4U2 cosmetics products are, to the best of Colorcos’ and Bel*Air’s knowledge, fully compliant with Thai, ASEAN, EU, UK and USFDA regulations. All materials are designated by approved suppliers as of cosmetic and/or pharmaceutical grade.

No 4U2 cosmetics product contains, the best of Colorcos’ and Bel*Air’s knowledge (from formulations, and raw material MSDS sheets), any poisonous  substances or materials with a special biological effect, enzymes, hormones, body tissue, bone or their extracts and are free from any animal derived raw material of any sort (that could be connected to ‘Mad Cow Disease’).

All 4U2 cosmetics, as used for their intended purpose and used before their expiry date, are safe to use and do not present a health risk in proper and regular use.

All 4U2 Cosmetics carry clear and understandable information in English as required by Thai, ASEAN, EU, UK and USFDA regulations. Production batch tracking information, date of manufacture and date of expiry are printed on all 4U2 cosmetic products.

Bel*Air requires all business partners to comply fully with the laws of the countries in which they operate.

Colorcos and Bel*Air strive to ensure that all ingredients and other materials used in 4U2 cosmetics are supplied from carefully managed and renewable resources. All 4U2 cosmetics are designed to be environmentally friendly and do not contain ozone depleting substances.

Colorcos and Bel*Air support and adhere to all actions and regulations to eradicate child labor and the exploitation of children.

No 4U2 cosmetics are tested on animals and Colorcos and Bel*Air comply with the ban on animal testing imposed by the EU.

Colorcos, Bel*Air and all 4U2 licensed distribution partners are required to comply with the code of conduct laid down by BSCI (The Business Social Compliance Initiative), which code requires :

  • Legal compliance to all national laws and regulations, industry minimum standards, ILO and UN Conventions and any other regulations that are more stringent.

  • Freedom of  association and rights to collective bargaining – to comply with ILO Conventions 87, 98, 135, 154.

  • No discrimination in accordance with ILO Conventions 100, 111, 143, 158, 159.

  • Compensation in accordance with ILO conditions 26, 131.

  • Working hours in accordance with ILO conditions 1, 14.

  • Workplace health and safety in accordance with ILO conditions 164, 190.

  • Prohibition of child labor in accordance with ILO conditions 79, 138, 142, 182, recommendation 148.

  • Prohibition of forced labor and disciplinary measures in accordance with ILO conditions 29,105.

  • Environmental and safety standards must meet or exceed minimum legal requirements.

  • Management systems must embrace social accountability and include anti-bribery/anti-corruption policies.

Code of Conduct requirements must be subject to continuous improvement.