Designed by and ultimately 4 twenty something and teenagers, 4U2 is a brand dedicated 2 the challenge of self-expression and the pursuit of self-discovery. The spirit and originality of LA mixed with celebrity and fashion serve as our inspiration, and we hope it inspires U2.

We are not about telling U who U are or who 2 be, we are about enabling U 2 do it 4 yourself. From alluring shimmers 2 the sheerest glosses, we produce a wide range of colors and styles 2  suit U when U dare and when U don’t. Our cosmetic line always strives 2 deliver something new, and the price reflects our belief that the only limits should be the ones we impose on ourselves.

So, princess or rebel, fast cars or slow lanes, romantic comedy or action thriller, be the person U want to be. 

"Speak 4 yourself"