4U2 DreamGirl Love Pink Haul

4U2 DreamGirl Love Pink Haul

I know there a lot of cosmetic brands in Watsons. But I wasn't aware about 4U2. When I drop by, the counters that i usually check are that of Revlon, L'Oreal, Maybelline and Majolica Majorca. Sometimes Ever Bilena and Nichido too. I learned through MyLucidIntervals blog. Donna was raving about this BB Powder from the DreamGirl Love Pink line. I visited Watsons to get this raved powder.

Lovelight BB Powder PA++, 194php
Product Description

I didn't expect much from this one. Given its a powder that only costs 194pesos. Packaging is of course on the budget side but not too tacky looking. Nor does the compact parts open and close wobbly. Sturdy enough! The pink compact case has cute doodles of some sweets on it.  Inside is a small mirror and a small flimsy sponge.

Now on to the product itself. I got No.1 which is the lightest shade of the 3 variants available. Find it quite odd for me to get the lightest shade because I'm not fair. But fair girls don't fret, the powder is forgiving and can easily blend into your skin. Medium and Morena girls rejoice because I think this is made for us! The shading best fits those with yellow undertones. Application is no hassle at all since powder glides smoothly. It can slightly even your skintone and cover light blemishes. Can also give you that natural looking finish and subtly reduces oil production. You do have to blot and retouch from time to time if you have an oily skin like mine. For dry skin, no problem at all. Smells like an ordinary powder would.

Coverage wise, it is at par with the Maybelline Clear Smooth Powder  Foundation. But I prefer this one. This looks more natural when applied. Maybe because its a BB Powder and not a foundation.


And because I am all too happy with this purchase, I went ahead and got myself some other products to explore from the line. 

Here's my haul...
Forever Liquid Foundation in No.1 Beige, 194php 
Nozzle Opening

A sheer coverage foundation that finishes off with a dewy effect. Packed in a squeeze tube and comes out from a nozzle. Compact and nice for keeping with you on travels. Great for an everyday foundation if you're on a tight budget but still want to look good for 194 php. :) Though I'm not sure about the ingredients. I'm worried that it might break my skin out. Scent is that of a sunscreen. Comes in two shades. :)
Faith BB Cream (Universal Color), 184php

I prefer the Lovelight BB Powder over this BB Cream, if I had to choose a BB. Claims to be universal in color, applicable for all skintones. Maybe because its too sheer to appear on the skin. This has no coverage at all!  Totally not worth buying even for its 184peso price. Plus it has a funky scent I can't explain.

L-R: Faith BB Cream and Forever Liquid Foundation

As you can see from the swatches, the Forever Liquid Foundation is lighter than the Faith BB Cream. 

Twilight Concealer (Universal Color)

Another big NO! Tried applying on my dark circles and voila, nothing was covered. Just left an ashy cast under my eye. haha Didn't even bother to swatch it.

Twist and Shout Full Color Lipstick in No.2, 174php 

Twist and Shout Full Color Lipstick in No.3, 174php

Twist and Shout Full Color Lipstick in No.4, 174php

All these lipsticks have sheer coverage and satin finish. If you have pretty pigmented lips, you may want to skip these. These will definitely not show. If you have pale lips, these are just perfect to add a bit of color. I should also mention that these don't stay for long on your lips and has a fruity scent. Comes in 6 shades. :)

Lipstick Swatches (L-R: No.2, No.3 and No. 4)

So these are what caught my eye. You might be wondering why I haven't purchased any blusher or eyeshadow. They have a great selection that comes in individuals and palettes but I think I already have those shades on my vanity. And for the others like mascara, eyeliner, makeup remover,lip balm, eyebrow pencil; these stuff you can find from other local brands for a cheaper price. ;)

Over all, I am happy with the Lovelight BB Powder and the Forever Liquid Foundation.

Wearing the Lovelight BB Powder and Forever Liquid Foundation. Guess you can't really see, photo was taken with my laptop's camera. :)