What's on my table: 4U2 Mascara
Exreme 4U2 Eyelash Mascara

I had a meeting today and I ran out off of my mascara so I rushes to Watson's to buy a new one. It was available in brown black and dark black. I chose. the dark black for my eyes. It comes in a black handy tube and has a easy to use applicator.

It gives a good and natural lengthening effect and I was really amazed that it did not smudge much after a long and tiring shoot we had this afternoon! My eyes touch the lcd of my cam most of the time but I did not have any problems with it.

After 6 hours, there was a little smudging at the corner of my eye but it was totally forgivable since I perspired a lot and was really haggard after the shoot. I guess this product will work well in a cold and well ventilated place.

It was easy to remove with my makeup remover too and rinsed the remaining residues with warm water without any mess. I'm keeping this in my beauty kit :)