Review: 4u2 Dream Girl Superlight BB Powder

Hi guys! Finally, a decent blog post after days of being too busy with work. I bought this powder because of my good friend, Say. She recommended it to me and she was raving about it on her Youtube channel. I had a hard time finding this particular product at the 4u2 counters because this was always out of stock. I bought this two weeks ago (I think.. I did not keeptrack of time). I use this everyday and I already hit pan. This only costs 194 pesos. This powder has three shades and all three have yellow tones.

The packaging is very cute. It actually looks like a toy with all the cute doodles and drawings on it. The packaging is okay and not flimsy at all. It came with a small mirror.Btw, I am not a fan of small mirrors .

The weight of this powder is really light. Perfect for travelling and it does not consume a lot of space in my makeup kit. This is contrary to my Fanny Serrano Powder that is way too bulky. Look how small it is! It can almost fit perfectly on my palm.

It came with a sponge which is very thin and flimsy. I like to use a flat top brush for application but in sealing my concealer, I use this sponge.

Firstly, let me clear that this is not a foundation. For me, it is just a pressed powder. Thus, I take back what I said in my FB Page. This cannot replace my FS foundation!!! I got my perfect shade match in No.2! Amazing! I just love how it looks so natural on my skin. Furthermore, it is very light as if I am not wearing any powder at all! for a week, I really thought that this was the best product. This was the time when my face was at its best. No rashes, no dryness and no zits! I was even plotting a hoarding scheme for shade no.2!haha No joke! However, this week, my face turned ballistic once again. It became so irritated that my rashes were inflamed and there were dry patches all over my face. Then, when I used this powder, I had a hard time blending it and making it work with a rash full face (is there such a term? haha).Also, to prevent caking, I have to wait for my moisturizer to dry completely. Like most pressed powders, this can really highlight the dry areas of the skin. I noticed upon close examination of my face under natural light that there were parts that were accentuated due to dryness. Also, this powder can cake big time especially if the base foundation or concealer is not properly set. I cannot use this powder by itself. It can make my skin look really blotchy. The best part is - this is the best setting powder I have ever tried especially with liquid foundations. I just had to make sure that my liquid foundation is properly blended and set. I think this is due to the fact that it is designed to be lightweight. Another good thing about this product is the oil control factor. I only retouch once in the office and that's it (btw, I have normal to dry skin). Also, the only part that becomes oily is my Tzone. I have also noticed that my blush stays longer on my cheeks!! This does not have any weird or funky scent. It did not cause me any breakouts either. This is really great for touch ups.

Shade No. 2
I was contemplating on getting NO.3 but thank Heavens I got this one. It looks perfect for my NC35 skin.

The coverage itself is not superlight. It is actually light to almost medium coverage. It can seal the base makeup really well.

Overall, I love this powder! It is very affordable, matches my skintone very well and it feels so light on the skin.
This is perfect for everyday use!

Neutrogena BB Cream plus 4u2 Dream Girl Superlight BB Powder
(My daily must haves!)

Please excuse my weird brows in this picture. haha


Have you tried this powder?
Godbless everyone!
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